This is the SintraWorks blog. Run by António Nunes. That’s me. Portuguese and Dutch, living in the Netherlands. I build Mac and iOS apps.

Under the SintraWorks brand, on Mac I built PDFClerk Pro and later PDF Nomad. On iOS I build and maintain Metron, an easy to use, yet powerful Metronome, that’s much appreciated by professional musicians as well as enthusiastic amateurs.

As a freelancer I built, and maintained for many years, WRTSMobile, the iOS counterpart of the popular high school vocabulary training system, WRTS. I also built apps for companies such as Navyboot and Tignum, and collaborated on digital banking apps for SNS-bank (De Volksbank) and Backbase. Further work experience includes consultancy for news organisation DPG (De PersGroep), MediaMonks, and the Dutch insurance company Achmea.

Contact me: info@sintraworks.com.